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Inauguració: ELS AGRICULTORS. Recol·lectar i/o Manipular

19:3022:00 h
Venue: Sant Andreu Contemporani
Gran de Sant Andreu, 111
08030 Barcelona
Price: Free event

The exhibition THE FARMERS. To harvest or to manipulate aims to reflect on the status of the photographic image today. It includes some nowadays artists working with photography, but not as outstanding hunters of the moment, as it happened with analogue processes in the twentieth century, but as thinkers who build their own independent discourse from a given image, whether taken as a physicial document or as a digital file from the Internet.

The exhibition is divided in two complementary parts:

1) Harvesters: Artists who collect images, especially from the Internet, but also from the television and films.

2) Manipulators: Authors who work with photography as a physical object, not focusing so much on its content, but rather in the combinatorial possibilities of shapes, lines and colors that create that image.

Artists: Alberto Salván, Miguel Ángel Fúnez, Andrea Canepa, David Mayo, Gerard Cuartero, Sara Tur, Cristina Garrido, Andrés Galeano, Ángela Cuadra, Marc Larré, Julia Mariscal and Ian Waelder

Curator: Sema D’Acosta

Inauguració: ELS AGRICULTORS. Recol·lectar i/o Manipular