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Opening LA FORMA DEL NO OLVIDO (The shape of no oblivion), by Marta Mouns

19:3021:00 h

Price: Free event

This exhibition is the result of the selected project in the Open Call for visual arts /UNZIP 2015

Support process: Viajelogía (Santiago Vélez and Erika Börjesson), Penélope Cañizares, Lídia Montero and Lluc Mayol.

The shape of no-oblivion talks about a forth tipe of forgetfulness obviated by anthropologist Marc Augé. This method focuses on incomplete oblivion, that contradictory oblivion we cling to our memories in the depths of ourselves, and despite the efforts and the horror, we refuse to let go.

Inauguració LA FORMA DEL NO OLVIDO de Marta Mouns