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Opening of the exhibition 'Interfícies. Visual arts - territories - health'

19:0020:30 h
Venue: La Capella
Hospital, 56
08001 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Interfícies developed five artistic interventions that combine artistic practices with citizens’ participation, affective, communicative and social aspects associated with the neighbourhoods involved, a series of workshops, events, activities and gatherings. In addition to this exhibition, there will be a final day-long event held on 14 November and an online publication. This exhibition features a range of material from four of the artistic interventions: Roquetes, barri saludable (Roquetes, Healthy Neighbourhood, 2018), by Teleduca; Territoris que curen (Territories that Heal, 2018), by Territoris Oblidats in the Raval; Repertoris variats (Varied Repertoires, 2019), by Lo Relacional in Roquetes; and Estigmes-identitats de barri (Neighbourhood Stigmas and Identities, 2019), by Forn de Teatre Pa’tothom in the Raval. The show also includes a documentation area with materials related to the process and the educational and research work done by the groups of students and teachers who took part, as well as videos on the various interventions and other events. The fifth project, Els remeis de la Trini (Trini’s Remedies), and assorted material from the two projects presented here mounted in Roquetes are being displayed at the same time as this exhibition in the Casal SomLaPera! in Trinitat Nova.

Inauguració exposició “Interfícies. Arts visuals – territoris – salut”