Impact Play. P. Staff

Venue: Espai 13 - Fundació Joan Miró
Fundació Miró, Parc de Montjuïc, s/n
08038 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Flashes of color, words, hand painted frames and brief shots of asses being spanked rhythmically compose Impact Play. This audiovisual piece retrieves some formal explorations of Structural film to provide a fundamentally sensorial experience by means of duration, light and shape.

Continuing their investigation of sensuousness in pleasure and violence, P. Staff points at a parallel between some of the visual repertoire of these films and clinical techniques for the visualization of the structure and composition of the body -MRI, ultrasound, x-rays-, optically boosted images that deepen medicalization while bringing out contrasts in human texture, density and temperature that reveal the somatic as a site of integral variance.

Jocs d’impacte. P. Staff