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"Julia, Rosa, Angela and the others after her" by Julia Gorostidi

19:0021:00 h
Venue: Blueproject Foundation
Princesa, 57
08003 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Blueproject Foundation presents “Julia, Rosa, Angela and the others after her”, the third exhibition of artistic residences 2017 by Julia Gorostidi, which can be seen in the Project Room from October 26 to December 3, 2017. In a world where the boundary between the physical and the virtual, the private and the public, oneself and others is increasingly confused, Julia Gorostidi’s work is focused on the changes of perception and on the relations between subject, object , author and spectator. Using random generation methods that refer to the “exquisite corpse” technique, Gorostidi produces stratified works that invite the viewer to reflect on the notions of identity, origins and authenticity.


“Julia, Rosa, Angela and the others after her” de Julia Gorostidi