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The 1990s: Rewind & Forward. Towards Art’s Public Accountability

19:0021:00 h
Venue: MACBA
Plaça dels Àngels, 1
08001 Barcelona
Price: 20€

From different points of view, the course explores a number of displacements that have occurred since the 1990s. Most important is the one that affects public accountability in creative practices: how, during that decade, we see a growing interest in rethinking art practice such that it relates to the wider public domain, to social life, to the media, and to the world of politics and micropolitics, with the ultimate goal of favouring a culture of social processes rather than capital gain. In the nineties, a whole range of phenomena emerges that holds to question the commercial, nationalist and subjectivist culture of the eighties, linking with practices of the seventies and advancing formats, procedures and inquiries that become central from 2000 onwards: activisms of all kinds, new interpretations of the public space, political declarations, historical memories, mediations, dislocations, new corporalities; all this within the framework of a great mutation within the audiovisual spectrum, with universal digitalisation and the emergence of the Internet, together with a general process of aestheticisation and viral deregulation of the political economy and the public sphere.

The course includes the active mediation of the participants: thus, the aim of widening the ‘public accountability’ of what is discussed in the sessions will be given a concrete platform of expression. To this end there will be a publication in which all participants will be free to express their responses, elaborations, critiques and ideas regarding each session or the course in general.

The course is aimed at people interested in contemporary art and its narratives.


THURSDAYS, 8 FEBRUARY – 22 MARCH 2018, 7 pm.

Venue: Meier Auditorium.

Price for full course: 20 €. Students: 10 €. Price per session (only if seats are available): 5 €. Friends of MACBA, free.

La dècada de 1990: Rewind & Forward. Cap a una competència pública de l’art