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12:0013:30 h
Venue: CCCan Felipa
Pallars, 277
08005 Barcelona
Price: Free event
Performance, Residence

In childhood is when we can more easily meet face to face with a fairy. And as we know, no tales of many types: tiny fairies, forest, fairy sources … What is perhaps not so common is to find fairy clueless as Elvira, who has lost his magic wand. What will you do? Without the rod, Elvira is not able to spell or solve everything resolved fairies … And what is worse, does not believe can fly again. Although, maybe … just maybe … if you the you help, you can get it.
Idea Original: Adriana Segurado Méndez. Creación y configuración del espectáculo: Marta Méndez Álvarez y Adriana Segurado Méndez. Música Original: Gerard Pastor. Diseño de iluminación: Marta Méndez Álvarez. Producción: Factoría Norte. Edad recomendada: entre 3 y 6 años.