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History repeats itself more than twice

19:30 h
Venue: Sant Andreu Contemporani
Gran de Sant Andreu, 111
08030 Barcelona
Price: Free event

History repeats itself more than twice
Curator: Miguel Amado

Artists: Alán Carrasco, Lúa Coderch, María García Ruiz, Lola Lasurt, Levi Orta, Miguel Ángel Rego

Karl Marx once said that “History repeats itself,” suggesting that an event occurs twice across time, “first as tragedy, then as farce,” as he concluded. Marx’s statement inspires this exhibition, which brings together artists that address the past through remembrance or that adopt narrative forms.

Re-enactment of events is often referred to as the most typical strategy employed by artists operating within this realm, but one can also consider others, including simulation and reproduction. This exhibition considers these models of engaging with historical facts or accounts, with the featured artists commenting on politics, personal mythologies, popular culture, and society.

Picture: María García Ruiz, Virgencica, Virgencica!, 2016

La història es repeteix més de dues vegades