The Incandescent Night. Journey to the Bottom of the Wish to Live - Jo Sol

Venue: La Virreina Centre de la Imatge
La Rambla, 99
08002 Barcelona

This exhibition brings together three different voices and a single journey. The voices are those of the filmmaker Jo Sol (Barcelona, 1968), the photographer and film editor Afra Rigamonti (Milan, 1975) and the philosopher Santiago López Petit (Barcelona, 1950); the journey is a physical and existential expedition that takes in various places around the world and visits certain shores of thought.

Film recordings, photographs and words make up the terms through which the show expresses itself, ‘translating’ into the language of museography the film Nos queda la noche. Viaje al fondo del querer vivir [We’ve Got the Night. Journey to the Bottom of the Wish to Live], first screened at La Virreina Centre de la Imatge, which occupies a specific place within the exhibition.

‘Translate’ here means extending through other alphabets a number of questions that gave rise to the film. How can we effect a rapprochement between the crisis of the visible and the crisis of the sayable? At what point does a series of images that have sprung from our visual abundance intersect with a series of ideas arrived at through opposing Life writ large? How do we fight back against those contexts that persecute any anomaly, that take over singular lives through the imperative of normality and common sense?

Viewed from this perspective, the texts, moving images and photographs in this exhibition project form a certain optical and verbal polyphony, in which each medium engages in a dialogue and accompanies the others, and in which they even clash with each other. The result is, then, a space of intensities, a night—to use the metaphor alluded to in the title—lit up by reasonings, cinematographic accounts and visions that put their respective rhetorics and their particular dogmas on hold.

Today, more than ever before, wishing to live implies getting to the bottom of uncertainties and impositions, combining pain and beauty, pushing and being pushed beyond ourselves.


Check the listings for the Maldà cinemas to see the film Nos queda la noche [We’ve Got the Night]:

La nit incandescent. Viatge al fons del voler viure – Jo Sol