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Le Peintre de la Pipe

17:0020:00 h
Venue: Passatge Studio
Passatge de Masoliver, 10
08005 Barcelona
Price: Free event

The 8th exhibition in Passatge Studio emphasizes the titles given to artworks through three artists and a collector. Untitled, a resource that -too- many artists rely on, is the counterpoint to show a series of paintings in which the titles compromise the content of the image.

In the paintings of Olarn Chiaravanont it is difficult to see what the titles announce. For this artist, the name of an artwork is unrelated to its production process and the resultant image, “in the same way that the sex to conceive a child and his/her physical appearance has no influence on the name.” Chiaravanont uses the nicknames of football players, puddings or drinks to accentuate the randomness of the titles.

On the other hand, Marc Badia notes sentences and words with the potential to become a title. They jump from painting to painting until they fit into their place. The title-image relationship is, in his case, pure chance: it is all about patience and letting their paths come together.

In the context of the exhibition, the titles of the works by Charlie Day are those most “loyal” to the image they represent. Lyrics from songs by Morrisey or Elvis and poems by TS Eliot accompany the objects and scenes painted by Day from the very beginning.

Finally, this exhibition includes portraits from the collection of Miquel Alzueta, which he renames as he feels like it. This allows him to build an identity in accordance with the needs of the moment. The original title -now relegated into obscurity- of one of these paintings is the name given to the exhibition.