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Les escenes: 25 Years after. Scene 2. OPENING

19:0020:30 h
Venue: La Capella
Hospital, 56
08001 Barcelona
Price: Free event

David Bestué / Carles Congost / Lucía Egaña / Daniel Jacoby / Gustavo Marrone / PLOM / Alex Reynolds / Julia Spínola / Marc Vives

The first scene of this exhibition was not a birthday piñata. The voids punctuating it and the minimal gesturalism of its works served as a form of resistance and a counterpoint to the grandiloquence of anniversary, context and generation exhibitions. This second scene changes the tone and opens itself up to a playful entanglement with works in which literary, cinematographic and architectural imaginaries are contorted.


*Alex Reynolds, Como si fuera viento, 2018. Still from the film. Courtesy by the artist

Les escenes: 25 anys després. Escena 2. INAUGURACIÓ