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LITERARTURE is an activity focused in the relationship between art and literature. Once a month, we propose a reading that is linked to the artistic field because of its content or context.

The titles have been selected taking the current exhibition and the collection into account. With regard to the readings proposed, we will celebrate a colloquium at the foundation with the participation of artists, writers and curators.



Pepe Ribas, the founder of the iconic magazine of the Spanish Transition, Ajoblanco, tries to reconstruct his memories as the architect of one of the most important cultural adventures of those years in Los 70 al destajo. The story of a utopia and its failure with the intertwined lives of many characters: Quim Monzó, Luis Racionero, Marshal, Nazario, Agustín Garcia Calvo, Canet Rock, Els Joglars and els Comedians, Ocaña, Burning, Terenci Moix, Moncho Alpuente, Salvador Paniker, Ceesepe and Pau Riba. We will revisit the book written by Pepe Ribas reviewing the issues discussed in theAjoblanco magazines published in 1977, to confirm its validity today.

We will also review La vida cotidiana del dibujante underground, a sentimental and erotic dietary that tells the loves and adventures of the troupe that took part in the libertarian movement of Barcelona in the seventies and eighties, written by Nazario, one of the protagonists of that moment.

With the participation of Pepe Ribas.


Limitation of participants, previous inscription needed: | 934961032