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18:0020:00 h
Venue: Fundació Suñol
Calle Mejía Lequerica 14
08028 Barcelona
Price: From 8€ to 12€

LITERARTURE is an activity focused in the relationship between art and literature. Once a month, we propose a reading that is linked to the artistic field because of its content or context.

For this third edition, the titles have been selected taking the current exhibition and the collection into account. With regard to the readings proposed, we will celebrate a colloquium at the foundation with the participation of artists, writers and curators.


CAMINS ENCONTRATS – MIRALDA. Obres 1977 i 215 | 29.05

Date: Monday 29th of May 2017

Hour: 18h – 20h

• Guided visit through Camins encontrats: Miralda. Obres 1977 I 2015

19.05 – 02.09.2017

• Colloquium about the readings:

Main reading

Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, Fisiología del gusto, Ediciones Trea, 2012

Secondary reading

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Coloquio de los perros, Alianza Editorial, 2005

With the participation of Xavier de Luca, exhibition coordinator and Deputy Director at the Fundació Suñol

Author of legal and politic essays, Brillat-Savarin dedicated his last years to Fisiología del gusto, a book about food. The result is a fascinating and jumbled work where science and history are mixed, as well as poetry and narrations where the main characters are food products. Through this genre fusion, Brillat-Savarin wrote a pleasant book, although the illustrated author aimed to stablish the basis for a new discipline: gastronomy as seen by a scientific point of view.

Cipión and Berganza are two dogs to which Miguel de Cervantes gives the faculty of talking at night. They are the main characters of this picaresque tale. The animal humanity is compared with the human animality, and that serves as the starting point to portray the society of his time.


Limitation of participants, previous inscription needed: