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Lucía C. Pino-Non-Slave-Tenderness

18:3021:00 h

Price: Free event

Guided tour by the artist and curator on opening day, at 6.30 pm

In her project for Espai 13, Lucía C. Pino undertakes a sculptural investigation to build an island stronghold, a semi-isolated science fiction landscape where potentially the toxic and waste element is indistinguishable from the biotic; she also speculates on the possibility of cables, glass, tubes, light, water, sounds and people relating to each other on equal terms.

Non-Slave Tenderness is a landscape made up of a variety of materials that emerged from an imagined liquid environment, like a sea or an ocean; either from the effect of the waves or due to processes of compacting, fusion, care, forcing and technological regulation, these materials have become hybrid objects, conglomerates of heterogeneous sediments.

The setting invites the viewer to slow down, proceed carefully, and even adopt a contemplative approach. The sculptures, conceived as live bodies, prefigure an environment where relationships of extraction and submission have fallen behind, leading to a new system of correspondences based on care and tenderness.

Lucía C. Pino-Non-Slave-Tenderness