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Martin Llavaneras - Fruit Belt

10:0015:00 h
Venue: Fundació Joan Miró
Fundació Miró, Parc de Montjuïc, s/n
08038 Barcelona

Fruit Belt explores the notion of the extreme domestication of nature through the natural respiration process of apples and a series of “post-harvest” technologies designed to delay the deterioration of fruit. Based on certain biological control parameters and metabolic processes involved in fructose production, the exhibition unfolds in the form of a sculptural and conceptual essay around the life cycles of raw materials in a constant state of flux.

In Fruit Belt, Martin Llavaneras builds a container that modifies the atmosphere in the exhibition space, and sets up a series of tanks filled with liquid. The tanks are interconnected by a system of hoses and circulation pumps that carry through Espai 13 a series of synthetic additives used in the process of industrial optimization of the fruit.

Martin Llavaneras – Fruit Belt