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19:0021:30 h
Venue: Homesession
Creu Dels Molers, 15
08004 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Turn it into Water

“I’m extremely sensitive to my environment, I think thats why materials and textures take centre stage in my practice. The surfaces and objects around us form part of a strategic system of engagement. In my work I find myself harnessing and reshaping these things as a way of exposing and reclaiming them. At Homesession my first act in this vein was to ‘trap’ the bulky grey office chair that lingered awkwardly in the space. It implied rigidity and formality to me and I felt an immediate need to alter it.

Triggered by Poble Sec’s history with water, I had been thinking about water as a placating, levelling and renewing force, one with an amorphous surface and depth which objects become suspended, quietened and disarmed in. I bought some translucent blue PVC and wrapped the chair in it and it immediately took on an absurd and contorted quality. Following this I continued to explore the ethereality of water as a means to connect with the infinite and the cosmic, as well as humanity’s inevitable need to cover, mould, confine and replicate natural forms. Using somewhat crude synthetic allusions to the elements, coupled with traces of the real thing, Turn it into Water is a rumination on the way we navigate our built environment, and the primal unknowns which linger behind our social frames of reference.”

Mia Middleton

Mia Middleton is a multi-disciplinary artist currently based in Sydney, Australia. Her practice explores the dichotomous flux between presence and longing, surface and void. In particular, she focuses on the psycho-geography of synthetic and utopic environments by breaking apart and re-purposing the virtual and physical veneers that typify them. The result is a conflation of the domestic and the fantastic, where multiple spatialities exist in tandem, and desires and dreams commingle with coverings and facades. Since completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in photo-media at UNSW Art and Design in 2013, Mia’s work has exhibited at galleries both nationally and abroad, including M Contemporary Gallery, Kudos Gallery, The Museum of Contemporary Art ARTBAR, CICA Museum, Korea and the Athens Digital Arts Festival. In 2011, she was the recipient of the Canson Photography Prize and in 2016 she completed a suite of performances for Sydney based performance art festival Desire Lines. In September 2017 Mia Middleton curated and exhibited in the three-person exhibition Orbit at Down Under Space, Sydney, and in October she exhibited alongside 35 others in a survey of expanded photographic works at Cold Cuts Gallery, Sydney. In 2018 Mia will be traveling and presenting a solo exhibition at Blindside Gallery in Melbourne.