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Nadia Barkate / Aldo Urbano

19:00 h
Venue: etHALL
Salvadors, 24
08902 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
Price: Free event

As an end of the season, etHALL presents two simultaneous exhibitions marked by an evident narrative friction.“Comerse un día y caer de espaldas, como un insecto que sufre una emoción fuerte” by Nadia Barkate and“Durante un experimento casero alrededor del color, una vela bífida y el ocaso de dos soles gemelos” by Aldo Urbano share an atmosphere that oscillates between solemn and parody, psychedelia and irony. In this eloquent environment, drawing and writing assume the vertebrating function of a story in which the elements are torn between existing self-absorbed in a telluric experience or remain alienated in the caricature.

Nadia Barkate (Bilbao, 1980). His images, graphic and sculptural, configure an intimate time outside the interpretation, where the composition wants to be an absorbing experience. In his artistic practice there is a narrative will that links daily experiences, the manual and the word.

Aldo Urbano (Barcelona, ​​1991). Use paint to investigate the gaps that the mechanism of perception may contain in search of renewing experiences. In this search, he elaborates narratives around the images in which the dramatic and exaggerated epics imply that, despite themselves, they are read in an ironic key.

* Courtesy of Bombon projects.

Nadia Barkate / Aldo Urbano