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Nadie sabe que los gérmenes acaban de llegar

Venue: Centre Cívic Can Felipa
Pallars, 277
08005 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Curated by ALLÉLON (Adriana A. Leanza – María Lucía Marcote García)

Based on an article by Octavio Paz, in which the Mexican writer mentions Francis Crick’s book The Life of the Same, the exhibition plays with the concept of directed panspermia (a theory according to which life began on another planet). and was sown on Earth by microorganisms sent by high alien intelligence) and the possibilities that it suggests. The line between science and fiction is becoming blurred, and we can imagine how life could have evolved millions of light years from our planet, or maybe on the same surface in the not too distant future.

Artists: Anna Dot, Nicolás Lamas, Lucía C. Pino, Domas van Wijk, Josie Perry and Momu & No Es.

20.00 h Perfomance de Josie Perry

Nadie sabe que los gérmenes acaban de llegar