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Venue: Estrany-De la mota Advisors
Ptge. Mercader, 18
08008 Barcelona
Price: Free event

NY112GREENEst, aims to provide the general public with an introduction to the legacy of such a period of effervescence and shifting paradigms in art and culture, as well as to its relevance to the history of postmodern dance and, therefore, to present-day contemporary dance. This shall be achieved by shedding new light on some of its protagonists.

Based on previous research, NY112GREENEst is given concrete expression in an exhibition complemented by a strong program of activities focusing on dance and the performing arts developed in that context: First, the exhibition. Drawing from the Goodden-Berg Archive, it will be held at the Estrany – de la Mota gallery. It will feature photographs and unpublished materials on performances by the dancer and choreographer Trisha Brown, which benefited from the collaboration of some of the most outstanding artists in the momentous decade of the 1970s, such as Carol Goodden. Godden was not only a key artist in the 112Workshop, but also a member of the famous Trisha Brown Dance Company – a company established by Brown herself. The exhibition will therefore show the collaborative spirit of the time while focusing on its historical transcendence.

Although the archive material will provide the backbone of the exhibition, it will share space with Francesc Torres’ installation Accident (1977), vintage photographs from Àngels Ribé’s installation The Point of Reference (1976), Fleeting Images (1976/2000) by Terry Berkowitz and artist books and original photographs by Gordon Matta-Clark – all of them, conceived and exhibited in the 1970s at the Greene Street space.