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Offbeat is a music agency that aims to promote a differentiated electronic music of the classic styles. Offbeat favors an eclectic musical based on the roots and different cultures. Looking this fusion between the organic and the synthetic, between tradition and innovation, Offbeats supports artists working with the foundation of modern music, the Bass (low frequencies, bass) but in combination with folk music it is characterized by rhythms and more original and surprising melodies. The spread of this style, called Global Bass, is the mission of Offbeat and, for this reason, have the audiovisual performance Filastine & Nova, one of the pioneering artists with a long history. Alongside Filastine also enjoy Rafael Aragon, another artist from the Global Bass scene and Henry Bergman, one of the founders of Offbeat will make us a musical selection dj format everything Global Bass music it represents.
Tickets 8 €
On Sunday, July 12 from 19.00 to 00.00