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Venue: La Poderosa
Riereta, 18, 2on
08001 Barcelona

Olga de Soto will talk about his work of research and creation, which explores the themes of memory and footprint, while it will address the processes of creation that has developed in his last works, and which explores the impact that certain works of performing arts can have in the life of the people. Accompanied by documents of a different nature, the choreographer will talk about the two major axes that are divided into his work, where he studied both physical memory and perceptual memory, linked to the reception or the interpretation of a work. Also, based on the analysis of some of the work he has done during the last decade, Olga will deal with the various problems which I have faced during the various processes, from initial ideas to the performing, plastic forms, documentaries and audiovisual late. Finally, Olga the material memory as the intangible will talk about how much, collected thanks to the work of research and documentation, thanks to the search and collection of existing elements on the one hand and on the other hand, oral transmission they have become matter for the creation, the (re) creation, the reappropriation and recovery or the reactivation of a memory or self-employed. Olga de Soto is choreographer, interpreter and researcher in dance, born in Spain and established in Brussels. A degree in choreography studies school CNDC of Angers. He has worked with Pierre Droulers, BorisCharmatz, Jeromebel and MichèleAnneDe Mey… Olga began his career as a choreographer in 1992 and the last decade has been dedicated to building projects closely linked to long processes of research, in which the choreographer develops an important work of documentation, to play with the existing porosity between different disciplines, mixing the languages for the performing arts and Visual Arts. Throughout his career, Olga has created more than 20 works that have been presented in numerous countries. In 2013, Olga de Soto received the national prize of the SACD – society of authors and composers dramatic – Belgium, in the category of performing arts, both for the whole of his career his research work on the history of the Danza.Concepto, performance, camera and sound: Olga de Soto montaje:Montxo de Soto mixes sound: Pierre GuffletProducción: NIELSEn co-production with : Kunstenfestivaldesarts – Brussels, CentreNational de la Danse – Pantin. With the support of COM4 HD – Madrid and the Ministry of the Communautefrancaise de Belgique – Secteurdanse.