OPAVIVARÁ! Project presentation + collective dinner

20:0023:00 h
Venue: Centre Cívic Barceloneta
Conreria, 1
08003 Barcelona
Price: Free event


Presentation of the OPAVIVARÁ! collective

Meeting at which the OPAVIVARÁ! artist collective from Brazil will present its projects before giving the floorto local groups with whom they have collaborated: the Col·lectiu d’Artistes i Artesans de la Barceloneta and the Sindicat Popular de Venedors Ambulants de Barcelona.


Collective dinner cooked by Marina Monsolís.

Marine departs from a critical research on the social, historical and political processes of the Barceloneta tied with the sea and the port, later she transmits her research through the sailor cooking of the neighbourhood. This process is explained and eaten in the dishes that she prepares.

OPAVIVARÁ! Presentació dels projectes + sopar popular