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Opening: Role Play

Venue: Project VIA
Gran Via 401
08015 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Project VIA presents: Role Play, an exhibition creating a dialogue that reflects upon the dynamics of transitory identities and conflict.  We concern ourselves with the ephemeral, perception issues and how identity agents are projected onto us and we project them upon others.

Aldo Urbano, Chiara de Marco, Francesc Ruiz, Katerina Ashche, Miriam Adler, Monica Tolia, Lena Trydal and Taj Bourgeois

19 June 2015, 19:30

Open to the public 20 – 21 June from 12:00 – 17:00
(or by appointment)

VIA is an artist-run initiative aimed towards bridging the gap between young artists, local and foreign, in Barcelona. Born on the home terrace of one of VIA’s founding members, we are using our resources of ample space to create an exhibition program and cultural community, transforming the house into a platform for contemporary art exchange. VIA is especially interested in showing a diverse range of perspectives in cross-disciplinary, dialogue-provoking work.