The Rhea's Footprint (or how we transform silences)

Venue: La Virreina Centre de la Imatge
La Rambla, 99
08002 Barcelona
Price: Free event

There is a special thread of continuity between voices, skins and stars that enables us to conjure up this visual essay in exhibition format. An essay formulated, perhaps, in the manner of those who listen to footsteps on the Earth, akin to the practices of healing with plants and to dances of transition and transformation,  related to the temporality in which poetry or handicrafts are formed, somewhat outside the classic contemporary discourse on art. We present here a constellation of intuitions, knowledge and practices on the colonial invention of bodies based on the imposition of a hierarchy of skin, sexuality, gender and ethnic identity and the banning of certain individual and community erotic, visual and spiritual practices. We will attempt to attest to the powerful beauty of the invocations against the effects of the colonial trauma and the permanent resistance against it in our bodies. The exhibition The Rhea’s Footprint (Or How We Transform Silences) enables us to chart a counter-history of the bodies of the constellations of the south, bodies that today we would term transvestite/trans/non-binary*.


Curated by Río Paraná (Mag De Santo & Duen Sacchi)

Artists and archives: Archivo de la Memoria Trans Argentina, Archivo LGBTIQ de Salta, Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro, Pancho Casas, Juan van der Hamen y León, Giuseppe Campuzano, Javi Vargas Soto Mayor, Jonas Van Holanda, Las Yeguas Del Apocalipsis (Pedro Lemebel & Pancho Casas) and Gloria Camiruaga, Lukas Avendaño, Sebastián Molina Merajver, Sebastián Calfuqueo, Río Paraná (Mag De Santo & Duen Sacchi)

La petjada del nyandú (o com transformem els silencis)