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Rain of Sounds at the Capella

19:0020:30 h

Price: 5€

Can the ephemeral architecture of Carlos Bunga, built with cardboard and adhessive tape, resist this curtain of sound falling from the ceiling of the Capella MACBA? Can the music of Morton Feldman, Alvin Lucier, John Cage, Guo Wenjing, John Luther Adams and others, retain its meaning within the cardboard walls of the Capella? Either way, both disciplines, sculpture and music, will be transformed into a different, more fleeting entity than ever: the duration of the moment.

Activity organised in collaboration with the ESMUC
Percussion group of the ESMUC. Artistic coordinator: Miquel Bernat

Pluja de sons a la Capella. A càrreg del grup de percussió de l’ESMUC