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Presentació del Premi Miquel Casablancas 2014 en la modalitat de Publicació

19:0022:00 h

Price: Free event

Pep Vidal, Miquel Casablancas Prize winner in the modality of Publication, presents his artist book – physics thesis “Development of numerical algorithms for the calculation of the mirrors’ topography for a synchrotron” at Sincrotó ALBA.

After delivering his PhD in physics at UAB, Pep Vidal presents it now, as it is originally, but also as an artist book. In this sense, he invites us to visit the ALBA Synchrotron in Cerdanyola del Vallès and participate later on the discussion “Is a thesis in physics an artist book?”. Juan Canela (independent curator), Anna Pahissa (founder of Múltiplos, a distribution company specialized in artist publications), Josep Nicolás (ALBA Synchrotron researcher and co-director of Pep Vidal’s thesis) and San Andreu Contemporany will participate in the debate.

Limited to 50 people.