GRAF brings you the programme of contemporary art in Catalonia. The agenda that combines all agendas.

Presentation and exhibition of projects from Cohabitar Entre-

On Thursday 6 April at 18.30, we invite you to the exhibition and presentation of projects developed at Cohabitar Entre-, the latest activity of the program developed at Fabra i Coats Center for Contemporary Art by Idensitat ID, LaFundició, TRANSDUCTORES i Sinapsis Projecte.

During the afternoon there will be presentations of the materials on display, all work processes and production deployed since May 2016, and the performance of DJ Pablo23.

Participants: Lola Lasurt, White Noise; Lemur. Emergency Urban Lab, School Of Market. Sensory Nomadic Structures; Marcos Prior, City of Factories and comics; Landscape Lab Fabra I Coats and Master of Urban Landscape UAB- MUHBA, Common Landscapes: Heritage and Urban Memory in Sant Andreu; Jessica Espinoza- MediZine, Bienal de Aguja e Hilo; Mixité Cuina en Viu / Cooking Live University; Pamela Gallo, Hugo Barbosa and Daniel Miracle, EntreTV.

It will be also presented the project Out of Sight. Photographers uncovered, performed by students of the Institut Doctor Puigvert in the context of The Guest Room of Cohabitar Entre-.

The other exhibitions that complement the program are:

Overflowing culture, 1st floor

In-Work Transition, 2nd floor