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REHOGAR X Open Design & Reuse

12:0015:00 h

Price: Free event

REHOGAR is a collective exhibition and annual gathering about open design and reuse/upcycling as tools for social transformation.

The tenth edition of REHOGAR, organized by Makea Tu Vida collective, continues its commitment to build and strengthen an ecosystem of transformation and collaboration that encourages a social change in our ways of living.

The exhibition presents a selection of practices and tools that can influence the social transformation of daily life. A selection of interdisciplinary experiences aims to serve as a map for exploring spaces, methods, resources and communities that provide evidence, reasons, attitudes, policies, practices, implications and effects to sustain the development of projects, which are collaborative, open source and focus on social and environmental responsibility and the optimization of resources. Existing projects that move us away from the mercantilist culture of throwaway, and bring us closer to a collective consciousness based on using, transforming and caring.

In parallel with the exhibition a series of activities will be held, with the aim of disseminating and exploring the theoretical framework; experiencing first-hand and putting into practice some of the exhibited solutions and ideas; and creating spaces for remixing and entertainment that favour the generation and strengthening of collaborative networks.

This tenth edition of REHOGAR will take place from September 20th to October 28th, 2018 at the Espai Zero of Fabra i Coats in Barcelona (Spain). The exhibition will be amplified throughout 2019 by travelling through different cultural and production centers of the Spanish state. This edition has the support of Medialab Prado (Madrid), Hirikilabs – Tabakalera International Center of Contemporary Culture (Donostia – San Sebastian) and La Nau Cultural Center of the Universitat de Valencia (Valencia).

REHOGAR X Disseny obert i reutilització