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Repetició i Diferència, Repetició i Diferència. Taller d’Oriol Vilanova al Centre d’Art La Panera

09:0810:08 h

Price: Free event

Carl Gustav Jung said that we are all born as originals and die as copies. It is a phrase that seems to be part of the language of self-help but it is useful for considering the ambiguity of concepts such as repetition, copy and cliché. Their uses, their relationships and their validity. We shall be considering the copy from a not too distant space-time in which we no longer know what the word copy means. The disappearance of the original. Repeated. Repetitive. Unrepeatable. In nature all repetition is impossible. A common theme, open to the participation of artists, educators and cultural agents.

Enrolment for the workshop will be through the Centre d’Art La Panera: 973 26 21 85