Sala d'espera – Bernat Daviu

Venue: Bombon projects
Trafalgar 45, local 3
08010 Barcelona
Price: Free event

“Who’s last?”

This text is for entertainment. It is written for you to interrupt its reading at any time. In fact, while you read, if you are paying attention to what is happening around, you will find very interesting interruptions -a fly, the Porsche of a gallery owner, a vine or an iconoclastic cat- and since we are in the Waiting Room of Bernat Daviu we will try to entertain ourselves while we wait for our turn. As we all know, paintings cannot be touched. In theory the paintings exist to be admired without intermediaries, without interference. You can reproduce the paintings, you can make them smaller or larger, you can make postcards or notebooks, you can use them to make a catalogue raisonné with minimal black and white reproductions, or you can look at them on the screen. You can photograph and share them, but can’t touch. Never. If you touch them is by accident, as you could damage them and in fact, paintings want to be immutable.”

Fragment of the exhibition text by Enric Farrés Duran

Sala d’espera – Bernat Daviu