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SÂLMON<. A posto

20:3021:30 h
Venue: Mercat de les Flors
Carrer de Lleida, 59, 08004
Price: 12€

Three women explore the puzzle which their memories and fantasies have turned into and seek out an improbable course for their lives. They look back using absurd accessories, insane bodies and wrong tracks, and their simulation will bring them to a cruel and amusing disaster.

“On that occasion I try to explore dramatic construction without necessarily referring to a narration, but referring instead to a drama that is born out of action and the presence of the bodies. I try to concentrate on the boundary between the construction of an action, the game of fiction, and the true certainty of presence.”

The work of Ambra Senatore canalizes dance, theatre and visual arts to focus on the limit between fiction and reality. It relies on an intelligent, witty and distant humour. The artist works with the dynamics of movement in dance, theatrical elements, actions and gestures from everyday life and, at the same time, explores dramatic construction through action and corporal presence.

SÂLMON<. A posto