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SÀLMON<. Diente de oro

20:0021:00 h
Venue: Graner, Centre de creació del cos i el moviment
Jane Adams, 14-15
Price: 8€

The body can make decisions and can occasionally burst or explode even without making them. All of a sudden, your stomach erupts on the table where a business meeting is taking place and places itself in the middle of whatever should be happening, or whatever did happen, and that we have to incorporate in our lives. In Diente de oro the bodies are stomachs blowing the plans of cold minds.

Diente de oro is the result of the artistic research Me he puesto a quemar los cuerpos (I have started burning the bodies) by Olga Gutiérrez (Mexico), Temoc Camacho (Mexico) and Raquel Tomàs (Spain) titled.