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19:00 h
Venue: Graner, Centre de creació del cos i el moviment
Jane Adams, 14-15
Price: Free event

Graner, with support from Iberescena (Residency Programme Iberescena 2014) and the Mercat de les Flors, started Interpolación #1, an international project under the umbrella of Ojo magazine and the Observatorio Transregional project, in 2014.

Interpolación #1 was a meeting for discussion that wanted to call attention to the coincidence or lack of coincidence of artistic practices of different contexts from the concept and definition of interpolation, understood as the action of obtaining new points departing from the discreet knowledge of points, understanding a person as a point an the set as the sum of persons. Interpolación #1 was a free, frameless meeting for discussion between five people entre 5 personas that did not know each other to see what interpolations in the artistic thought could they generate.

In 2015 Jorge Dutor and Guillem Mont de Palol assume this role transforming Interpolación #1 into HOLAQUEHACE, the proposal they present in that edition of the SÂLMON< festival