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SÂLMON<. La posibilidad que desaparece frente al paisaje (Possibility disappears in front of the landscape)

21:3022:45 h
Venue: Mercat de les Flors
Carrer de Lleida, 59, 08004
Price: 12€

This creation describes the imperceptible world of atmospheres, thoughts and memories. A broken and fragmented narrative tour through ten European cities is shown on a screen and drives the audience to the darkest, most disturbing, and violent territories of the mind.

The piece is organized as a playroom in which four people are able to make the sense of their actions transcend. The piece blurs the cartography of behavior and takes human actions to an almost embryonic state. It is a map made up of aesthetic images, under which the wild territory of the mind hides and is threatened by perversion, fear and the weakness of moral laws.

Pablo Gisbert and Tanya Beyeler lead this artistic project by El Conde de Torrefiel; in their stage works literature, visual arts and choreography live together transcending the parameters of verbal language.