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Sant Andreu Contemporani presenta A(p)partment

Venue: MAIO
Bruniquer, 23
08012 Barcelona
Price: Free event

10.12.2014 – 22.12.014
Curators: Veronica Valentini y Andrea Rodríguez Novoa

Artists: Alfonso Borragán, Lúa Coderch, Anna Dot, Jordi Ferreiro, Karlos Martínez B., David Mutiloa, Claudia Pagès Rabal, Ariadna Parreu

A(P)PARTMENT is a curatorial project developed across the physical and multimedia space. On one hand it is an application for mobile devices, and on the other, an exhibition in a architects studio.

The exhibition explores issues related to mimicry and the subtle evoking ability that art has in the private sphere. Through the presentation of artworks in a co-working space in an almost subliminal way, mimicking with existing elements or replacing them, the aim is to reflect on how the everyday object can take and takes the value of an artistic piece and vice versa, by changing its framework for action.

The mobile application, downloadable on the project website, is an exploration of technology in which art is actively involved today, and a simple entertainment. It is defined as the exhibition space for different artists creations who will be able to control, during a specific time-frame and within certain limits, the mobile phone of those who have the application installed.

A(P)PARTMENT serves three issues who are intertwined in these two different manifestations: the relationship of artistic phenomena and mobile technology; the transmission of the artistic practice from the intimate: the work and domestic space; and art’s capacity for action and experimentation in those spaces.

A(P)PARTMENT is curated by Andrea Rodríguez Novoa and Veronica Valentini.

Sant Andreu Contemporani presenta A(p)partment