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Fer dissabte. Breakfast with Alba Yruela

11:0012:30 h
Venue: Chiquita Room
Villarroel, 25
08011 Barcelona
Price: Free event

We keep the traditional breakfasts with the artist Alba Yruela for her exhibitions, this time during Sembla tot com un sol dia (It All Feels Like a Single Day), in the framework of Art Nou 2024, on Saturday, July 6 at 11:00 am.

Sembla tot com un sol dia is an exhibition of the Catalan photographer Alba Yruela where she elaborates a pattern of existence. It is a personal and subjective relationship with the environment, which takes place in the space we usually know as nature. Through a light box and other interconnected images, Yruela creates an intimate and involving world, both personal and collective. The images are the response to perceptive stimulations, swinging between pleasure and curiosity.

Fer dissabte. Esmorzar amb Alba Yruela