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19:3022:00 h


We cordially invite you to the opening of Elbow an exhibition by Sinead Spelman.

The drink to mark the occasion: Slippery Nipple. This drink, born of a necessity in 1990’s Belfast to get drunk really fast, is composed of two layers: Sambuca on the bottom, and Baileys sitting on top, two elements apparently averse to mixing, one element almost hovering above the other, creating a line, a form, a separate.
Or so it would seem, in reality this line, like all lines is a mere construction, a barrier waiting to be transgressed.  The two elements glide off each other in the small space of the shot glass, rubbing gently, caressing each other. Both elements are in fact porous and will mix readily when gently shaken. The perception of the two elements separated from the glass,  and in turn from your hand and in turn from the surroundings is of course also a construction which dissolves in an instant.  No sooner have you taken a sip of the drink than you become keenly aware of the porosity of the self, how deeply integrated we are in our world-horizon, how the polarisation of interior exterior is a falsehood, how the sign is the signifier,  and the hand is the air and the elbow is the goodbye.