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TALLER AMB NÚRIA GUIU. Cos analògic vs Cos digital

16:0020:00 h
Venue: Graner, Centre de creació del cos i el moviment
Jane Adams, 14-15

Her recent work as a choreographer revolves around reflection on the new technologies and their influence on the perception of our own bodies. The impact of the digital age on our sense of connection between body and mind and/or their alienation from each other, on our perception of time and space and on our presence or ability to live in the present, are concepts which Núria Guiu explores through movement.

The workshop will be divided into two parts: a warm-up class where we will focus on becoming aware of the different parts of the body through the centre and respiration, and a second part where we will work with concepts and physical guidelines developed for the creation of Login, the piece being presented at the festival.

Núria Guiu graduated from the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and was part of the young company IT Dansa. As a dancer she has worked with various companies such as the Batsheva Dance Company (IL), Carte Blanche Dance Company (NO), La Veronal (SP), Jasmin Vardimon (UK), Andersson Dance (SE), Arouni Dance (NO) and Kobalt Works (BE). As a choreographer she has created several solos. Her latest piece was created for the Carte Blanche Dance Company and premiered at the National Opera in Oslo. Over the last few years she has also assisted and worked with the choreographer Arco Renz in countries such as Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam.