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Workshop of designs and initiatives for a care centre for homeless people

10:0014:00 h
Venue: Llotja Escola Superior de Disseny i Art
Llotja Escola Superior de Disseny i Art
08022 Barcelona
Price: Free event

The workshop covers the research into and proposal of interventions for a centre offering temporary care, accommodation and meals for people who have lived on the streets. The Arrels Foundation’s centre is the Pere Barnés Home.
The aim is to put forward ideas and solutions adapted to the activities and services offered by the centre.
Based on understanding how it functions and meeting some of its users, the idea will be to detect opportunities for improvement in order to make proposals, through models or prototypes, and carry out a presentation of these to the residents.

The fact that the workshop is of a short duration and that contact with people at the centre is occasional means that the proposals have to be made openly, seeking elements for interaction and intervention by people from the centre. Everything that is proposed will be a set of “elements for dialogue” that can be deployed in subsequent phases. The work material is based on the reuse of scrap metals and wood mainly collected by the Alencop cooperative. A selection of the results from the workshop will be incorporated into the exhibition In Transition, which forms part of the Living In-between project at Fabra i Coats Contemporary Art Centre.

The workshop is aimed at designers, artists, architects or people interested in the social aspects of design and contemporary creation.

Places limited. Prior registration at

Taller de dissenys i iniciatives per a un centre d’atenció a persones sense llar