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Finissage: 'Talk Trouble' and 'Remover con una vara de madera'

12:0014:00 h
Venue: La Capella
Hospital, 56
08001 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Last chance to see “Talk Trouble”, by Claudia Pagès and “Remover con una vara de madera”, by Matteo Guidi.

We see a drawing of a man holding a pole in the centrepiece of this exhibition. Is it a ghost that he is relating to? And who is this man? What i he trying to do? He seems to be poking in the fog, but maybe he is just someone doing something practical that he was ordered to do, like remove a piece of fabric. Or is it a flag and he is waving it? And if it is a flag, what colour is it? It looks white. So maybe he is surrending. And what if what matters is not so much what he is moving or removing, but what he might find under the fabric?

Matteo guidi gives us few hints with the title of his work Remover con una vara de madera (Moving with a wooden pole). And neither of the two black and white pieces displayed in the dark and grey exhibition hall seem to give any clues: an illuminated retro photograph of what seems like a dirty corner of a warehouse and the video projection of a hand-drawn animation loop.

Talk Trouble is an exhibition showing different lines of research focused on structures and systems of speech circulation. A linguistic, sonorous and performative axis which expands to different registers such as the text, the object or the installation.

As a closing of the exhibition Talk Trouble, a reading in three acts will happen:

– Rage, Home & Insults

– Bromas internas, Romance & Contagious

– Emissions, Fools & Bonding

Performing Aleix Clavera, Noela Covelo, Ameen Mettawa and Claudia Pagès.

Sunday, January 7, at noon.

Tancament de “Talk Trouble” i “Remover con una vara de madera”