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Teatre d'amadors / Oriol Nogues

20:3021:30 h
Venue: Teatre El Centre de Gràcia
Ros de Olano, 9
08012 Barcelona
Price: Free event

This project seeks to influence amateur actors’ ability to fictionalise and to make visible the awareness and management of the symbolic value of the group. It is in amateur theatre that the actor never disappears behind the character but remains present onstage in his or her social role, in theatre where actors and public are often reversible and form part of the same social group. An amateur theatre company will be invited to imagine (or remember) losing one of its members to death and integrate this into their daily work, thus introducing a new fictional agreement established between everyone into a group whose activity is focused mainly on performing. This death must be accepted as “real” in every way, and from there the group will continue their usual work of make-believe.

Teatre d’amadors / Oriol Nogues