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The Book of Aesthetic Education of the Modern School – Priscila Fernandes

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Even though aesthetic education was not material covered in the Escola Moderna [modern school] (Barcelona, 1901–1906), there were several published articles in its monthly newsletter that pointed to the role of the artist in society and the advantage of including artistic activities in the learning process. More than a century after the death, in 1909, of Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, its founder, we can only wonder why his approach to art was not included in the program and imagine what would have been if it did. To address this and other issues, the project of Priscila Fernandes (Portugal, 1981) turns Espai 13 into an Escola Moderna’s classroom with reproductions of artworks and posters on the walls, furniture, and all necessary equipment to conduct a learning activity, as well as a recently published book, ¿Y el arte? The Book of Aesthetic Education of the Modern School, which gives the exhibition its name. All these objects and resources create a display that has a double function: it serves as the base onto which the installation of the show stands, as well as hosting the activities related to the project. In that sense, Pedagogies de fricció, the mediation program for Lesson 0, offers a teacher training course, with some open sessions to the public. The main subjects of the course are, on the one hand, the pedagogical alternatives available to schools today; and, on the other, the possibilities and tensions that art and creativity can develop within a learning environment.