Top Down - Bottom Up - Natalia Morales

Venue: Tangent Projects
Carrer Marti Codolar 41 - 43,
08902 L’Hospitalet del Llobregat
Price: Free event

Top Down – Bottom Up is part of an ongoing process of experimental research, in which new possibilities of rethinking the territory are explored through cartography and public space. Motivated by transforming and reformulating the reality of the territory through the imaginary.

Natalia has created an atlas of possible world maps. Her intention is to generate a dissolution of territories and borders in order to replace them with imaginary divisions and dilated spaces – where the recognizable and utilitarian representation of the map disappears. Moreover, composing dystopian cartography which leaves a mark, appropriates space and speculates between the imaginary and reality. She proposes a series of fragmented, fragile and sensitive territories, where the imaginary manifests itself as a position in which this state of instability, uncertainty and disorientation that we constantly fear, can be extremely fruitful. Approaching the construction of micro-utopias that disarticulate the apocalyptic, or the sweetened vision of reality imposed by the hegemonic power structures.

Imagination will act as an emancipatory impulse in order to delineate an antagonistic cartography. By suggesting new alternatives to re-conquer, re-invent and appropriate the territory, and subverting the current cartographic use of a biopolitical control mechanism towards a critical device and will claim action.

Top Down – Bottom Up is a collection of material from over the last four years, linking different stages of experimentation that are connected and interwoven in an explorative process, from a subjective, intuitive, sensitive and feminine point of view. The material has been compiled into a site-specific installation at Tangent Projects gallery.

Top Down – Bottom Up – Natalia Morales