All the exiles of summer. Iñigo Navarro

Venue: Galeria Contrast
Consell de Cent, 281
08011 Barcelona
Price: Free event

The immeasurable.

So hot, I’m very thirsty, I slept short, how hungry are you. It’s curious, we understand each other with these expressions. We usually don’t think about the measure for each other. This show explores the poetic measure in art: How long is a sunset? How far does a sigh go? How much distance is there between two gazes? Poetry approaches us when we get out of our position. There’s the idea of exile where the senses sharpen irruptions occur, for example, once we see a different sun falling on a foreign horizon, at all cost we want to catch it. Or when we meet a new gaze, penetrating and attractive, what’s the distance to get closer… Vacations are joyful exiles, popular abdications, which contain the sorrow of not being someone important enough, to not be able to afford to rest – Navarro -… We tried to constantly investigate the immeasurable.

Artists: Luis Gaspar (Photography) & Inigo Navarro (Painting)
Note: Exhibition with the use of Augmented Reality.

Tots els exilis de l’estiu. Iñigo Navarro