transperiferies. territories and artistic residencies

Pere IV, 345 08019 Barcelona
Price: Free event

From May 13th to July 13th La Escocesa, in collaboration with Idensitat, Casa Planas and BBB Centre d’art, will open the exhibition Transperiferies. Territories and artistic residencies at Castell de Montjuic (Barcelona), an exhibition that includes a heterogeneous group of artistic works that together give their own answers to the concept of transperiphery.

The artists Corentine Le Mestre, Marta Azparren, Melisa López, Josephine Lunal, Lourdes Peñaranda, Maria Alcaide and Célin Jiang, have developed their works within the framework of Art ⇆ Territori (2019-2020) and REART ⇆ (2022-2023).

The pieces shared to this exhibition are the result of artistic research involved in specific contexts, proposed by Idensitat, La Escocesa, BBB Centre d’art and Casa Planas.

Transperiphery is a concept and at the same time a conceptual strategy that gives unity and coherence to the different nodes that have participated in this network. Thus, the exhibition gathers and presents the work of these thirsty artists, as well as a series of activities carried out in parallel to the residencies, the audiovisual archives generated during the process and in the framework of a joint laboratory and will launch other open actions that will take place during the duration of this exhibition, which will be shared in the coming days.

transperifèries. territoris i residències artístiques