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Triple Mortal. Habitar, sentir, pensar

19:3021:30 h
Venue: La Capella
Hospital, 56
08001 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Triple mortal (Somersault) is an exhibition project that consists of a selection of works produced by students at three educational centres, the Escola Massana, the Escola Llotja and the Faculty of Fine Arts. The exhibition features 21 pieces and provides an opportunity to view the work of the students in each centre in various media and techniques of expression. This wide-ranging selection includes works from a number of disciplines, including sculpture, painting, design, jewellery, illustration and the crafts.

Entitled “Dwelling, Feeling, Thinking”, the show aims to generate a dialogue between the various works based on these three verbs, with a particular emphasis on the first. Dwelling in a place raises many more questions than the simple fact of physically occupying the space. When we dwell, we establish relations with the context, we feel and we think about it. Consequently, when we speak of dwelling, we are also referring to living and co-existing in a space, to caring for and transforming the environment, as well as simply passing through a place.

This way of understanding and shaping the environment plays an important role in artistic practices and design. When we think about a space, we forge new relationships and we come up with ideas that have an impact on our lives. To imagine a place is also to dwell in it through our thoughts and hence the way we think also defines the way we live.

Feeling a place or space implies, once again, conscious dwelling, the basis whereby artistic creation acquires a new meaning. Works of art and design explore the feelings we experience when we pass through a place or co-exist in it. This exhibition, then, aims to show various works that bring into play thoughts and sensations associated with the fact of dwelling.


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Anna Canovas
Thursday, March 5, at 5pm in La Capella
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