One is Always a Plural: moving together over distance, Yael Davids

19:0021:00 h

Price: Free event

Artistic Ecologies, New Compasses and Tools

With works by: Lygia Clark, Vlatka Horvat, Sanja Iveković, Fina Miralles, Àngels Ribé, Mladen Stilinović, Cecilia Vicuña. Curated by Pablo Martinez, Emily Pethick and WHW

Yael Davids has been training in the Feldenkrais Method for the past five years. She uses the method as a research device for comprehending the inner workings of structures and prevailing tendencies — bodily, institutionally, artistically. In her work she focuses on learning conditions and duties of care, and addresses a range of questions such as: How can we reform the prevailing trope of learning being a competitive, mentally demanding experience? How can we integrate other learning processes, beyond the common optic experience? How can the relationship between student and teacher be more democratic? How can we support the practice of self-reflection and individual interpretation? How can we think differently about limitation? Yael will present a Zoom workshop in which a somatic analysis of artworks constitutes the foundation for a Feldenkrais lesson. Drawing on the workshops she recently presented at the Van Abbemuseum, Yael invited each member of the curatorial team to select a work of art that, amidst the conditions of the pandemic, has acquired particular magnetism for them — a charged significance.

This constellation of artistic materials presents a unified yet multifaceted ‘body’, which Yael examines for commonalities, harmonies and overlaps, but also points of tension, contrast and resistance. Through this close study of the selected artworks — as individual yet connected materials — Yael seeks to determine how to best listen to and support this ‘body’. Yael will study the works selected and will develop a corresponding Feldenkrais lesson. The workshop invites participants to lie on the floor in the comfort of their own home and be guided through a series of gentle movements and bodily orientations. Each participant integrates and experiences the structural qualities of the artworks within their own body. No former familiarity with the Feldenkrais Method is needed, and the workshop is open to all levels of physical mobility. It is important that you attend with your video ON and in a well-lit space. This will help Yael guide the lesson.

Yael Davids examines the capacities in which the body operates as a documentary vessel. She studies how collective heritage and socially charged narratives become intertwined with the individual’s biography and sensibilities, amounting to an experiencing of the concrete world that is defined by a unique finitude.

U sempre és plural: avançar junts en la distància, Yael Davids