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"Um dia todos fomos peixes" by Ernesto Neto

Venue: Blueproject Foundation
Princesa, 57
08003 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Ernesto Neto presents an immersive, colorful and sensory installation, designed and produced especially for the Blueproject Foundation space. An unpublished work that allows us to discover the line of work that Ernesto Neto has been developing in the last years.

“An egg, an earth, egg earth, mother earth, while we get involved in the day-to-day policies, the birds fly through the air, the fish swim in the wide sea, the old ocean, we are always sailing the noble ocean from where life came, an unattainable horizon waits for us in the infinite, water air, water air, in a continuous oscillation, an eternal breathing, water air water air, overturned blue; Where does this blue come from? Where does this blue come from? water air, water air, in the silence I ask myself, in silence I connect, feet on the ground, head in the air, heart in the middle of the road. Center of balance, strength and truth, the mind lies, the heart does not lie, connected between sky and sea, I receive the cure and the teachings of our ancestral fish who we once were, floating in the sea, the crystals that purify us and re-balance our body, our continuity between heaven and earth. In front of the cyber, day-to-day shouts, from the time ripped from our lives it is good to make silence, to breathe, to feel our surroundings, the serene rhythm of the here and now; when we stop, the world turns and when we turn we have a rhythm, a cadence, an organic movement, that brings us wisdom, a non-rational wisdom, a spiritual wisdom, this is the lost dimension, the missing link towards the eternal return, towards the Uroboros, towards the feeling of the infinite within oneself, the encounter of the whole with its parts, beyond the dialectical state of language and its limitations to approach the magic of art “. (Text written by Ernesto Neto for the exhibition “Um dia todos fomos peixes”).

“Um dia todos fomos peixes” de Ernesto Neto