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Un cos exaltat governa una ment residual by Eulàlia Rovira

17:0019:00 h

Price: Free event

What has to happen, it will do it around an angle of 90 degrees, at the vertex of a quadrilateral, where there is more than one thing.

Which of us is the object of study? Which one of all the matters is the one that hits? The only thing we know is that some boss has been harmed. We are not sure who is talking. Are you, homuncle? Or are the atoms when they collide and crumble?

The imagination – and the marketing mindset – places faces everywhere. Things make us smile when they are in the cornea of ​​our retina, and of course, whoever does not drink … We have always liked the representation very much. Probably because it hides rot. But do not suffer, in this vertex for centuries that everything seems to be stone.

An exalted body governs a residual mind is a performance conceived by the space of the cloister of the monastery of Sant Cugat, within the framework of the exhibition El 85% de la materia, curated by Caterina Almirall at the Center d’Art Maristany. The cloister is the place where, during the last archaeological excavations, a mysterious “alchemical peach” of unknown or multiple origin was found and is currently exhibited at the center of art. An alchemical peach is a natural fruit transmuted in stone by means of an alchemical elixir, which fossils it, makes it immortal. With this activity that will unfold at the foot of a funeral tomb, we will look for a place between stones, a story without beginning or end.

Eulàlia Rovira is a visual artist and, among other practices, performance is linked to the text. His work reveals a deep look at the things that surround us, so that he pays attention to what we do not see in the past. It starts with a meticulous and curious research on materials, forms and architectures, intertwining it with the meanings and words that designate them.