Vessels. Eva Fàbregas

Venue: Bombon projects
Trafalgar 53, local B
08010 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Sheddings are a family of sculptures made of translucent silicone. These works resemble bulbous organs, whose membranes form strange bulges and cavities with a gelatinous appearance. Fàbregas’s sculptures seem to germinate in voluptuous folds and glands that lend themselves to multiple desires and erotic possibilities. Disturbingly oscillating between full and empty, these objects complicate the dialectic of penetration and twist the language of sexual difference (male/female, active/passive, dominant/submissive).

“Although the formal inspiration of these sculptures is found in the ergonomic design of prostheses such as suction pumps, pacifiers, bottles, condoms and sex toys, they also recall the morphology of non-human organisms such as jellyfish, sponges, chrysalises or even to the reproductive organs of plants.

(…) This sexual ambiguity opens up a space of potentiality where anything could happen and any part could serve any genital purpose. The sculptures become self-sufficient, emancipated, eluding the expectations placed on them according to the public’s fantasies: to be soft and warm to the touch, or to be hard, to penetrate or to be penetrated, to be exciting, to be entertaining. That’s when we can see its dull, frustrating, slimy aspects.”

Fragment of the exhibition text by Lorena Muñoz

Vessels. Eva Fàbregas